In my recent work I have been investigating  mechanisms of power in modern culture. I explore the relationships and associations between violence, war and political struggle, and    various entertainment and spectacle factories.

 My work combines textual and performative elements drawn from both world:  the violent and the entertaining. This meeting is made possible by using machines and appliances that are found in the communication and spectacle world. I alter the original function of these objects and use them to create a conceptual framework that is the basis for a new narrative. By creating video installations, photography and performance I introduce the dark link between political power and popular culture; the hidden, unconscious connection that inhibits these worlds, and their dramatic effect on us.

born 1989, Tel Aviv

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


2017:" smoke Rings": Gabirol, Tel Aviv

2017:"Atrium": Artists' studios, Tel Aviv.

2017: "LIFE SCIENCES" Natural History Museum, Jerusalem design week "Slowly dying"

2016: "Julian", Artists' studios, Tel Aviv.

2016 CAN KIOSK, "Some lines from Tel-Aviv, Artists' studios, Tel Aviv.

2015 Open Museum of Photography, Tel-Hai, Israel

2015 Final exhibition, Bezalel, photography department

2012: (catalogue) formally speaking, Haifa walks. Haifa sentence, Haifa museum


2018-2020 MFA, Department of ART,NEW GENRES, UCLA

2012-2015: BFA studies, photography department , Bezalel Academy of Arts, Israel. (summa cum laude)

2013: Exchange Program SVA, New York.

Prizes and grants

2018: Registration grant (UCLA)

2018: University fellowship (UCLA) 

2016:  Exhibition grant , The Arts Department, Culture Division of Tel-Aviv-Yafo  Municipalityand the Yehoshua Rabinovich  Foundation for the Arts.

2015: Bezalel Excellence Prize in memory of Aharon Dovrat, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

2014: Excellence prize in the photography department .

2014: Josef and Ada Bolaffio prize for excellence (history and theory department).

2013: The Rami Halperin Prize for an Outstanding Student.